Our vineyards require daily, precise care all year round so they can give their best.


The pruning season runs from January to March. Each vine is pruned in order to leave only two fruit-bearing boughs.

During the tying season in April, each bough is tied to a linking wire, thus stabilising it for the next stages


During the month of May, the buds begin to open and continue to grow quickly. It is therefore necessary to debud in order to discard all the useless shoots. Sometimes, you can also already spot the future grapes.


Trellising starts in June. The buds have transformed into twigs bearing grape flowers ready to bloom. This thick vegetation must be organised and aerated in order to allow the baby grapes to grow properly, as sunshine is essential during this time of year as well as during the month of August.

Flowering is usually a tricky time and the care we give to our vineyards depends directly on weather conditions.


We trim our vineyards in July, mostly using machinery. Nevertheless, in order to maximise the ripening of our grapes, we need to use manual shears at the end of July and in August to add the finishing touch to the trimming.

September is of course the long-awaited harvesting season!!! This is our reward for all the hard work carried out throughout the year.

The vines rest during October, November and December and we often use this break to uproot old or dead vines and take care of the upkeep of our facilities.