VILLEDOMMANGE is a typical village from the Champagne region whose origins go back at least to the 5th century, when King Clovis owned a mansion there. The village is renowned for its famous scenic view from Mount SAINT LIE, bearing this brief inscription "From the Saint-Lié Chapel, a European point of view" … 
Our families have been living in this village for 6 generations. First, we only worked the vines, but progressively we also became winemakers.
We, the 6th generation, continue our mission, respecting local traditions while using the latest technologies available. Our work in the vineyards is still essentially manual, from planting new vines to picking the grapes.
The 7th generation has now joined us, as our son THIBAULT, an oenologist, chose to return to CHAMPAGNE after having spent some time working with sparkling wines in England and in the US. 
Our profession is also our passion which we enjoy sharing, so we are of course thrilled with Thibault’s decision. He is extremely active on the estate and is already doing his best to ensure the continuity of our family’s work.